"It (RadVC) looks very interesting.. and promising. Its great to see such creative add-on product for Visual C++ coming to market."
Walter Sullivan
Lead Program Manager,      (MFC/ATL)                  Microsoft Corporation
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With RadVC, Visual C++ finally gets "visual". RadVC is a Microsoft Developer Studio Add - In that allows a Visual C++ programmer to work in a Visual Basic - like RAD environment.  
RadVC is based on an open architecture that lets you create and use a traditional C++ control like an ActiveX - type RAD control, yet without introducing any new standard.
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Open Architecture
Control Development Kit
RAD Foundation Class
Enhanced Intellisense
3-Way RAD
Migration Center
Discussion Forum
Get a Significant Amount of Power, Productivity and Flexibility in your Visual C++ Projects by Using RadVC Today. Here is how..
Blazing C++ Performance with the Simplicity of VB
Unlike other RAD languages (VB, JAVA, C#), RadVC works with pure C++, thus your apps enjoy maximum performance and flexibility. 
Add RAD to Your C++ Controls
The C++ controls you use in RadVC have "events", "properties" and "methods". Thus they can be used like "ActiveX"- type RAD controls.
Code Faster in C++
Use RadVC's VB-like coding technology and enhanced IntelliSense to code in Visual C++ faster than ever.
Single Click ActiveX
Just with a mouse click, create a fully functional ActiveX control from your C++ control. More>>
Web and .NET Ready
Since in RadVC, every C++ control is convertible to COM/ActiveX control, they are automatically ready for the Web and .NET.
No New Learning Curve!!
RadVC's standard forms and controls are 100% compatible with that of Visual Basic. Thus you will find yourself at home when you use RadVC.
Powerful and Flexible Events for C++
RadVC's "Publish-Subscribe" type event model lets you create event for any C++ class and also attach and detach them on the fly.
Start Using Controls as you Develop them
Start using your RAD C++ controls in their raw form, as soon as they are created, even before they are compiled.
Single Click Setup
RadVC's "Single Click Setup" will take the worries of managing C++ controls out of you and make their assembly and deployment a snap.
Rapid Prototyping
Why use another language  for application prototyping when you can do the same using RadVC?

RadVC .NET promises to bring the blazing power of native C++ with simplicity of using .NET framework.   Screen shots.
Tabs in RadVC Toolbox

Tabs in RadVC toolbox lets you organize RAD C++ and ActiveX controls in various groups. Click here to learn how to create and edit a tab in RadVC toolbox and add, replace, move or remove controls from tab groups. 
Creating and Using RAD C++ Controls are as Easy as 1-2-3
Creating and using RAD C++ controls in Visual C++ have never been so easy and full of fun. See for yourself how RadVC's Control Development Kit (CDK) and advanced set of RAD tools let you make your RAD C++ control development a breeze. More..
[Tutorial] Using RAD C++ Tab Control

A tab control acts like the dividers in a notebook or the labels on a group of file folders. By using a tab control, you can define multiple pages for the same area of a window or dialog box in your application. Click here to see how RadVC's drag-n-drop programming model makes the creation of a tab control a joy.

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RAD C++ Control Archive RadVC's toolbox is filled with 60+ high quality RAD C++ controls that have the power of raw C++ and ease of using VB. Click here to view  the complete archive.
The list of controls includes standard and 32 bit controls and several state of the art user interface elements. Here are some cool RAD C++ controls to check out..
Web-Like UI  You've seen these slick user interfaces in 
many web pages   before, but now RadVC can help you create them on your desktop applications with ease. More...  
Split with Ease You don't need to be a rocket scientist to 
figure out how to add complex splitter support to your favorite forms  More..

MS Office  UI          Look here some cool controls typically found in  MS Office's suite of
 products. This includes flat standard controls and MS Outlook-style list and bar controls. More..
Charting Controls  This suite of controls will let you draw your 
graphical data in various forms such as 'bar', 'line' and 'pie' charts. More..



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