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Find what others are saying..

Since we released RadVC, we have been receiving a lot of encouraging comments from our users. Here are only a few of them we want to share with you (in unedited form).

We'll be constantly updating this section, so please check back often.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the individuals in this section are of their own alone and hence do not necessarily reflect the views of Capitolsoft Corporation.



It (RadVC)   looks very promising. Its great to see such creative add-on product for Visual C++ coming to market.

Walter Sullivan
Lead Program Manager, MFC/ATL (Microsoft Visual C++)



These (hooking) techniques are so powerful, that it is entirely possible to morph the application to look entirely different. If you don't believe me, check out RadVC.

Nick Hodapp
Product Manager, Microsoft Visual C++
Undocumented Visual C++

A nice product, and I hope that it is not, like Stacker and many other good things, immediately cloned by Microsoft. (M.B.)



I've just completed downloading it and in my opinion it's quite useful. It shows what VC++ could be like if Microsoft only wanted . (J. J.)


You should dangle RadVC in front of Bill the Gates, sell out for a vast amount of cash (at least, you should, because this product makes Visual C actually visual at last, and in step with VB, and ...) and then move on to better things than helping Bill to catch up. (M.B.)

I'm a project manager at (snip..). we are currently developing a VB6.0 application based on highly integration with the webbrowser control , internet components and other third party components (snip..) as a result of our trying new technology. doing MFC directly seems impossible , and when I heard about your product I was very excited. (C. B.)



What I like about RadVC is that it is still good ol' C++ on the backend! (C.R.)



Excellent idea, and looks nice (M.K.)



Your add-in was like a god-send!...has much promise. (J. W.)



All in all, we are impressed with your product. (P.L.)



As we are doing programming in VC++ and VB, with much switching between, and find VB a much faster development environment, your product looks very interesting. (D.V.)



We downloaded the trial and it's very close to what we are looking for. (G. M.)



Your RADVC package looks really cool. I use Borland C++ Builder most of the time and only resort to VC when the executables must be very small and very fast. I like VC a lot but I am much more productive with C++ Builder. It seems like your product might change that though. (P. M.)



I have four more days on the trial testing of your product and I just want to say that you have developed a very good program for rapid development of software. Up to this time I am very impressed with your Visual Basic - way of developing quick and easy programs. I know that some people would rather program in the traditional way in C++ but I think if there is an easier way to write less code and do it quickly, why not? (J. L.)



I downloaded RadVC, installed it, and tried it. I must say that it is a great concept! I really like the way you have integrated your VB-style forms with the MFC code, so they can co-exist. (M. T.)



It is an excellent product. I use VB as my main development language, so (with RadVC) I feel right at home.. I would recommend it to anybody and it has a great price.  (J. F.)



The product is excellent-- the vision is superb...It proves that there could be one IDE with VB/VC/VJ/VID, all-in-one. Learn one and you learn them all. (M. K.)



I wonder why MS hasn't already integrated this type of IDE into MSVC++ given the success of VB. (K.W.)



Good! I like it. It does simple things simpler! This is something that MSVC cannot support, and we needed it. (H. N.)



My god what have you done to Microsoft Visual C ??? It has made a good product ( for me ) a 1000 times better. Thanks for putting in what Microsoft left out. (S. F.)


You have a great product. If Microsoft was smart they would buy you out. You have produced the interface they have long needed for Visual C++. [B.B.]

I have to say that I'm impressed by the amount of work you've put into this project. It's a worthwhile cause -- one that Microsoft could and should have pursued themselves. 

[Alvaro Mendez]



(RadVC is)...a fantastic product,... one of the most valuable software packages that I own.  I am an experienced C and C++ programmer from DOS, Unix, and VAX environments in the 1980's, who switched to VB in the early 90's after discovering that it took almost 1000 lines of C code to display "Hello World" on the screen in Windows.  RadVC is just what I needed to bring me back to C++. 

[Tom Holderby]



Fantastic ! This is the best thing I've seen since Borland C++ Builder. I am an avid VB developer, I have been since version 1.0 of VB (even had a go at VBDOS). I do have a knowledge of C but that was in the DOS world. I stayed away from VC++ for the most part, only using it when I needed to. Why? Because the IDE is a pain in the rear. Why is it that a C++ MUST be hard to use? Do C++ programmers not feel they are getting any work done if they don't spend hours mucking with a poor IDE?

At any rate it is nice to be able to seamlessly move from one language to another and have the IDE work in a similar fashion. 

[David Winter]



Your tool is super cool! I got mute when I saw the baby. I wish Bill would integrate your tool in .NET (and the future MSVC++ boxes) and pay you a great deal of royalties, because you deserve it! You EARNED it!!! Oh, this is so much fun. Your baby should definitely BE in the Developer Studio/.NET BOX!!! It is amazing for me that Bill (and his wallet) didn't yet pay you a "visit"! Man, your tool is simply FANTASTIC!!! (and I do work in the development tools industry myself!).  

[Daniel Marinescu]



..After seeing and using your technology, it occurred to me that you have the basis for what I believe the world really needs -- a truly cross-platform C++ object model and RAD environment.  

[Michael J. Emswiler]  



Wonderful article -- I was wondering. Did Microsoft by any chance decide to use RadVC's look and feel as the basis for that of Visual C++.NET? I can't help but think how hauntingly similar the two interfaces look. I bet it at least provided some inspiration at least.

Brian Hart
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of California, Irvine


Actually, the first thing that came to mind when I saw RadVC was "Wow... they copied the Visual Basic IDE...

Simon Cooke


This is an excellent product!

I downloaded your trial today, and in less than 30 minutes had a simple form with some controls working the way I wished.

I have been developing in Delphi and Visual Basic for many years, but have always stayed away from Visual C++ because it lacked a visual form/control builder.

[John Novotney]


(Product review at


Easy movement back and forth between VB and VC modes...VB mode looks and behaves pretty much like VB. Double-click in Project View to get to a dialog. Double-click on a control to pop up the RadVC CodeBar (similar to code bar in VB; select a control and select an event, which is thankfully not in WM_ format, to get to the handler code skeleton for that event).


Interesting means of control initialization (uses the string table in the RadVC control Create methods)...means no huge generated code sections cluttering up the landscape.


3-button toolbar is, like the add-in, unobtrusive. It doesn't force itself upon you or make wholesale changes to the IDE.


Generated code is small and also unobtrusive; most of the logic is hidden in the RFC classes (which are smart wrappers around MFC)


Easy, familiar step-in for VB programmers moving to VC. (G.J)


If you want to send your comments on RadVC and RFC, please email here or visit our Feedback section


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