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As described in the previous section, RAD C++ controls are self-extracting executables that install themselves on a client's machine.
Installing Outside of Developer Studio
To install the control from outside the Developer Studio, simply double-click on the control icon (figure below):

Single_Click_Setup_Icon.jpg (4865 bytes)

This will display the "Install C++ Controls" dialog, as shown below.

Install_VC_Outside.jpg (47862 bytes)

In this dialog, select "Install to the Control Repository" option button, if you want to copy the control files to the control repository (C.R.). Installing controls to C.R. will make the control available to all projects (figure below):(Find more on C.R. here.)

Single_Click_Setup_toolbtn.jpg (8479 bytes)

If we wish to examine the control files before using them in RadVC, then select the option button "Copy to the following location". This option will allow you to copy the control files to a location given in the editbox under the option button.


Installing Inside of Developer Studio

To install the control inside the Developer Studio environment, simply click your right moue button on anywhere on the RadVC toobox and then select the context menu item "Insert C++ Control" (figure below):

Install_VC_Inside_Menu1.jpg (14133 bytes)

Alternately, you can click on the second button on the RadVC toolbar and then select "Insert C++ Control" menu item from the drop-down menu as shown below:

Install_VC_Inside_Menu2.jpg (18517 bytes)

This will display the file open dialog box, as shown below.

Install_VC_OpenDlg.jpg (49016 bytes)

Select the setup file for the RAD C++  control to install (in this case it is "Circle.exe") and then click on the "Open" button. RadVC will now show the "Install C++ Controls" window as shown below: This is the same window that is displayed when the control is installed from outside the developer studio, the only difference being the the bottom option button in this window has a new caption "Install to the following project". The project file path displayed in the editbox under this option button is the name of the currently active project file path. Choose this option if you want to install the control only to the currently active project. Unlike the previous option (Install to the "C.R."), this option will make the control available to only the currently active project and not to other projects.

Install_VC_Inside_Dlg.jpg (51690 bytes)


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