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Removing a Control from RadVC Toolbox

Removing a traditional C++ control from your project can give you a pain, but not in RadVC. See how easy it is to remove all the files associated with a RAD C++ control from a project.


Removing a RAD C++ Control

To remove a RAD C++ control, simply click your right mouse button on the control button on RadVC toolbox and select "Remove Control" context menu item (figure below):

RemoveCtrl_menu1.jpg (22191 bytes)

This will display "Remove CCircle Control" dialog box, as shown below.

RemoveCtrl_Dlg.jpg (51293 bytes)

Check "Remove Control Files from Project" checkbox, if you want to remove the control from the currently active project. Also check "Destroy Control Files Permanently" checkbox, if you want to delete the files from your system. Click on the "Continue" button if you want to proceed with the remove operation.

Removing Standard Controls

To remove the standard controls implemented by RFC library, click your right-click on any of the standard tool buttons (a command button for example) and then select "Remove Control" context menu item.

RemoveCtrl_menu2.jpg (17500 bytes)

This will display the following warning dialog (figure below). Click on the "Yes" button on the dialog, if you want to remove all standard buttons from RadVC toolbox.

RemoveRFCCtrl_Dlg.jpg (27250 bytes)

You can reinstall the standard controls in a later time by again clicking the right mouse button on anywhere on the RadVC toolbox and then selecting "Install RFC Controls" menu item, as shown below:

Install_RFC_Ctrls.jpg (17272 bytes)

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