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The Benefits of Creating RAD C++ Controls in a MFC Extension Library:

(1) More than one RAD C++ controls can be packaged in on library module.

(2) Since the libraries are in binary format, you can hide important implementation details, yet allowing the users of your library to extend the control features through implementation inheritance.

How To Create a RAD MFC C++ Control

In order to create RAD C++ controls in a MFC extension Dll, you should start a Visual C++ project using "MFC AppWizard(dll) option (figure below):

RAD_MFC_Ctrl_Proj.jpg (112995 bytes)

Once you create the skeleton project, follow the steps described in the CDK create or insert new RAD C++ controls in the project. (Note: to export the control classes, you need to add "AFX_EXT_CLASS" directive in the control class declaration. Thus, the "Circle" control class declaration ( described in the CDK tutorial) should look as follows:

class AFX_EXT_CLASS CCircle : public CWnd

Once you finish creating the controls in the library, create a setup program using RadVC's "Single Click Setup" option. In the "RadVC Archiving Utility" window, You should do the following:

(1) Remove the implementation files (e.g. .cpp, .rc etc) using the '-' button

(2) Add the library (.lib) and dll (.dll) files using '+' button.

(3) Add additional control class declaration files (.h) using using '+' button.

RAD_MFC_Ctrl_Setup.jpg (60833 bytes)



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