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So now that you have created your very first RAD C++ control, it's time to have some fun with it.

To test the control, you need to have an active form in Developer Studio client area. If you do not have any project active in Developer Studio, it is time to create a new one. Click here to find more on how to create a new project in RadVC environment.

Once you display a form in the DevStudio's client area, select the circle control in the RadVC toolbox and create a an instance of it on the form, as shown below.

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As you can see, the control is shown as a rectangle with the class name "CCircle" in its caption and the toolbar bitmap at its center. This is the standard representation of a control instance on a form and thus is not the actual design - time drawing of the control.

You probably understand why RadVC is not displaying the actual design-time drawing of the control. This is so, because the control is still in its very "raw" form, RadVC has only generated code for it, but we haven't had the chance to make a compiled / binary version of it.

Other than this rather "static" representation of the control on the form, you can do just about anything with this control. You can resize, reposition, set properties and even add event handler for this control in the form. (Our "Circle" control doesn't have any properties or events yet, but we will add them later.)

If you aren't still happy with this "standard" drawing of the control and are thinking what you should do to see the actual design time drawing, there is a good news for you. We will show you later how you can make a fully functional ActiveX control for our "Circle" control by just clicking a mouse button. Once you have that ActiveX control, you won't be seeing this standard drawing any more, your control will look like real control on the form, as shown below:

CppCtrl_OnForm_Ax.jpg (72503 bytes)


Now that you have created an instance of the control on the form, it's time to compile the app and see our "beloved" control "running".

CppCtrl_running.jpg (18583 bytes)

Although our "Circle" control already looks pretty cool, but it doesn't really do any "action" other than displaying a circle and some text, In the next few sections, we will see how we can add some "goodies" to this control and make it even cooler.

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