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To add a method to your RAD C++ control, you first need to invoke the "Add Method to C++ Control" dialog by clicking the right mouse button on the control tool button (in the RadVC toolbox) and then selecting "Add Method" context menu item:

CppCtrl_MethodDlg.jpg (27485 bytes)

For our "Circle" control, we will add a method called "void AboutBox()". When called, this method displays a simple textual message box.

When Clicked on the "OK" button in "Add Method" dialog, RadVC opens the control implementation file (circle.cpp) and highlights the "AboutBox" function..

void CCircle::AboutBox()


Now add the code to display a message box inside the function body as follows:

void CCircle::AboutBox()
        _T("Circle RAD C++ Control\nCopyright(R), 2001"),


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